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Have questions? Curiosities? Interview requests? Need more booking information? Have compliments, complaints, or typo alerts? For further information about The Cranky Typographer's books, seminars, and editorial & graphics services, contact R. W. Bacon by telephone, email, or postal mail. (The contact information below is in a graphic file format to foil robotic address pilferers and e-mail spammers.) For information about R.W. Bacon's museum services and programs, including the illustrated lecture, performance, and exhibition, "A Vaudeville Retrospective," visit For information about books by R.W. Bacon on history and performing arts topics, visit

Oh no! Where are you on Facebook?!? A note on our cyber-world: Please note that real time constraints preclude participation in Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, SpacedOut, OverBooked, or other social media sites. R.W. Bacon is fully conversant, and almost continually engaged, with today's technology, but he neither twitters nor chatters, neither pins nor posts, and there is no separate daily blog site. Why? Quite simply, there are clients to serve, books to write, programs to plan, presentations to make, fitness to maintain, a repertoire to burnish, a property to conserve, family & friends to cherish, sustenance to savor, and all manner of nourishment to absorb. And then there are those precious few hours of sleep, the rest that is the basis for all activity. Please be assured, however, that R.W. Bacon can be easily and readily contacted by e-mail or phone. Thank you for understanding.